In addition to being qualified in a variety of therapies, I have also been a teacher for 20 years. It was an issue with my own son that sparked my interest in hypnotherapy and NLP.  When he was 11, he developed quite severe, disabling anxiety issues around certain things in his life like sitting exams, having a lack of confidence, poor body image and negative self-talk. Rather than going away, the issues gradually got worse and in the end I sought treatment for him from a therapist.  After 8 sessions he was a different child, able to confidently go into an exam situation and perform well; he developed friendships and confidence and has not looked back since.

After qualifying I took the new techniques into school with me, working with both individual students and whole groups, and have been astounded at the difference a little intervention can make.  This inspired me to set up Mind Works and now I work with all types of people interested in improving their lives. As I devised and delivered more training and group sessions I gradually moved into mindfulness and went on to study for the qualification (mindfulness for stress reduction and mindfulness for Cognitive therapy) this is widely recognised to be beneficial in all areas of well being. I now incorporate this more in all of my work.



 I adhere to strict professional standards from the following bodies the London College of Clinical Hypnotherapists and the American Board of NLP Practitioners.

I am a qualified NLP practitioner and coach, reference point therapist, hypnotherapist I also use gene line and timeline therapy.

BA Hons, MBCT and MBSR, NLP practitioner and coach, hypnotherapist, RPT therapis