Mindworks specialises in working with different groups of people, tailoring bespoke training courses for your specific needs and delivering them at your convenience for up to 30 individuals at a time. Typically a course might include a combination of the following:

  • Stress management/ dealing with anxiety.
  • Improving performance.
  • Tapping into creativity.
  • Resilience and self awareness.
  • Meditation and relaxation.
  • Confidence and self worth.
  • The mind body connection.


UK businesses lose billions of pounds per year due to staff absences in the workforce. If you factor in low productivity stemming from employee lack of motivation it amounts to much more. A happy workforce = A healthy profit margin. As it is a legal requirement for companies to effectively deal with stress in the workplace then investing in a personalised program for your company might be the way forward.

Mindworks can assess your needs and devise the perfect program for you and your business.


The education sector has become a highly pressurised environment to work in. As the pressure is applied it then filters down to all of the respective groups, senior management, middle leaders, classroom teachers and then ultimately the students themselves. Mindworks has had a wealth of experience working with schools to minimise and manage stress at different levels and ultimately improving performance both for the individual and for the school as a whole. 


It is becoming much more widely accepted that the mind plays a significant role in the healing and recovery of the body. Mindworks has worked with groups and individuals recovering from different

conditions both physical and mental. All courses specialise in developing awareness of the mind/body connection.