Pupil empowerment program- full course PEP

This is a series of mindfulness sessions incorporating Neuro Linguistic programming techniques.  The whole course is an 8-hour program that can either be delivered over 8 separate sessions or 4 2 hour sessions or 2 days. 

The core teachings

  • The ability to manage emotions- react or respond
  • The power of focus- Learning how to be present
  • How to relax- Recognising stress and having the tools to deal with it.
  • Developing confidence and self esteem.
  • Dreaming big- Raising aspirations and preparing to succeed in exams.

Through the course pupils will explore in depth what mindfulness is and how they can develop a positive relationship with themselves, they will learn how to get in touch with their emotions and know that they do not have to be guided by them.  The course develops self confidence which leads to daring to dream big and allowing themselves to have great aspirations to be or do something they might have previously thought was out of reach.

Pupil Empowerment exam success PEP/ES

This is a course specifically designed for pupils who are about to sit public exams.  It incorporates 5 core techniques that are taught and that can then be utilised before and during the exam to optimise performance.  This course would consist of an initial teacher training session for any teachers involved with teaching exam groups or starting the exams.

The teachings would ideally be reinforced in lessons and before the exam a que to use the techniques would be advantageous.

Pupil Empowerment program-self esteem and confidence PEP/SEC

This program really focusses on developing self-esteem and confidence.  It incorporates several different techniques including mindfulness teachings and Neuro Linguistic programming techniques. It works best when run in small groups at a regular time over 6 sessions.  The course teaches pupils to really get in touch with their body in a positive way.  It teaches through experience that we are not our thoughts or emotions and this in turn gives us choices in how we respond to external events.