Teacher empowerment program- full course TEP

This course is aimed at teachers who would like to develop themselves and their abilities as a teacher.

The course can either be delivered as an 8 week 1 hour course, 4 2 hour sessions or a full day. It covers

the same 5 concepts as the PEP but is taught in a slightly different way.

The core teachings

  • The ability to manage emotions- react or respond
  • The power of focus- Learning how to be present
  • How to relax- Recognising stress and having the tools to deal with it.
  • Developing confidence and self esteem.
  • Dreaming big- Raising aspirations and preparing to succeed in exams.

This course teaches the core principles of mindfulness and how by really getting in touch with ourselves

we can learn how to recognise negative thought patterns and emotions and then decide how best to

deal with them. This also goes into some detail about relationships with others and is made relevant to

strengthening the teacher/ pupil relationship. Stress is covered in careful detail and participants are

taught how to recognise and anticipate their stress triggers and then avoid them being so debilitating.

The course aims to assist an individual in becoming more confident as a person and as a teacher and

gives them the tools that they need to aspire to be the best that they can be.

Teacher empowerment program- classroom practice TEP/CP

 This course gives an overview of some of the techniques covered in the full course and then

concentrates on practical strategies to use in the classroom. The techniques are mostly Neuro Linguistic

programming techniques but with an embedded understanding of mindfulness. This course is a 2 hour

course and could be run over 2 sessions or in 1 full session.

Mindfulness: Deliberately paying attention to things we normally would not even notice, and

becoming aware of our present moment experience as it arises, non- judgementally, with

kindness and compassion.

8 week courses

There will be an 8-week structured course starting in the new year. Each session will be 11/2

hours. Cost and venue to be confirmed.

There will be mindfulness drop in sessions in the New year, each session will be 1 hour , cost

and venue to be confirmed.